The 5th Insight

     What is we could end all the insecurity and violence that has consumed humanity? It is possible! There is a divine energy that each and every one of us can connect with. A unlimited source of unconditional love.

     The next time you go outside, look around yourself. How much have you been missing? The ground you walk on. The trees that make the oxygen you breathe. The sun that warms the planet. This is our HOME!!

     Humans continue to destroy the Earth and Sky and yet we are still provided with a home. If that is not unconditional love then I do not know what is. When you connect with this divine source, you will know, without a doubt. This is not something that can be faked.


     The 5th insight deals with how we don’t have to steal energy from others but instead can absorb energy directly from the universe if only we can open up to it.

     The universe and our local environment is rich with energy which we can learn to sense and become a part of. Once this insight is understood, we no longer have the need to engage in situations which attempt to dominate or create conflict with others.

Recognizing that such vast stores of energy are ours to freely use will help mankind to eliminate the many tensions and stresses that arise from interactions with others who drain energy.


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