The 8th Insight

     The 8th insight describes how we can aid others as they bring us the answers we seek. It also describes a whole new ethic governing the way humans should treat each other in order to facilitate everyone’s evolution. Energy can be used in a new way when relating to people in general, particularly with how we deal with children. Children need our energy on a constant basis, without condition.


     The worst thing you can do is to drain energy from a child while correcting them. Control dramas are then created by the child to counter the loss of energy. Children should be included in conversations and not spoken of as if they are not present or in the third person. You should also never take responsiblity for more children than you can devote your full attention to. This cancels out the need on the childs part to compete with other children for the attention of the adult.

     Questions from a child should be answered with the utmost seriousness, avoiding fanciful answers which can confuse the child or build mistrust. Find a way to tell the child the truth in terms they can understand.

     Addiction to an opposite sex can pull energy from us because we have yet to access this opposite sex energy in ourselves. When we first begin to evolve, we automatically begin to receive our opposite-sex energy as it comes in naturally from the universe. However, another person can come along who provides this energy and who can unknowingly cut us off from the universal source, thereby making us addicted TO THEM as our primary source.

     You must learn to recognize when a control dramas is in place, break through or sidestep them and focus on providing energy to the person who feels in need. When the energy is provided through an alternate route (the universe or environment) or exchanged in a mutually beneficial fashion between the two people, a comfort zone is established which fulfills the needs of both persons.

     Interaction in group settings is also a part of the 8th Insight. In such group meetings, some people feel self-conscious or shy and don’t participate as easily as others. As the group members talk, new ideas surface one at a time. If the group is aware of what is happening around them, they can sensitize themselves to feel who is about to speak with the next most powerful idea.

     By consciously focusing their energies on this person, they will help to bring out the idea with the greatest clarity. This technique is used to allow everyone to participate fully. One must be aware that the group energy focus can instill a good feeling in the current speaker, who continues to speak after the idea has been expressed, thereby monopolizing the conversation which ends up sapping the group energies.

     The idea is to add to the energy of each member of the group by projecting your own energy and not to become so addicted to the ‘rush’ of energy as to monopolize and dominate the group interaction. Share the energy.



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