My first blog

Ok so the title isn’t original! Oh well. I am new at this whole blogging thing, but it seems to be the popular thing to do. Got to keep up with the times I guess. So as you can see, I am day1malibu. I am going to use this blog to detail my experiences with Day 1. Here is goes.

I started with Day 1 in August when they launched. My dad is the one who introduced me to it. I will tell you, I was extemely skeptical at first. Why is it when we hear “home business” we instantly think scam?

I believe it is because we have been so saturated with “get rich quick” schemes. You can’t go anywhere on the internet without someone trying to get you to put your email address in a capture page so they can fill up your inbox with crap that doesn’t even intrest you. I have had to change email address so many times because of this.

The bad part is when something genuine comes along, we tend to look the other way or straight run from it. It is so hard to just take a leap of faith. I had to completely change my mind set to see Day 1 for what it really is.

I started by looking at it as I am just trying out a product. If I like it I will keep buying it. I trained myself to not think about the business aspect because it flat out scared me. Turns out…I LOVE THE PRODUCTS! PetroMaxx is getting my car 5 more miles per gallon. NatraBoost helps me to be able to keep up with life and doesn’t make me feel yucky like the 5 hour energy drinks do.


I am all about the Boost! I have been sick with the stomach flu and as soon as I could hold water down I took my Boost. The difference it made in the way I feel is nothing short of a miracle. I could feel all the bad toxins leaving my body! I have taken every “energy” whatever under the sun. NatraBoost is the best hands down!


Hello world!

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Happy blogging!