Christmas For The Kids….PLEASE READ and HELP!!!!


Well it is Almost Christmas!!!
My Fav time of the Year!!!!
But…it is also the time of year i reground myself from my successes…
Alot of us are having Great success even newbies came out making 5 figures a month this year!!!
Congrats to All…
But…there are families out there struggling and every year I like to be Santa to those families less fortunate!!!
Usually I ask my Inner Circles to Donate and Give back.
This year
However is a Monstrous Year….
We have over 1500 families that have Applied for Christmas for The Kids!!!
It has doubled from last year!!!
So my Internet Marketing Family… I am asking You to Step up this year.
Please Click the Link Below and it will take You to a Donation Paypal page….
Put in Any amount You can Donate and Then go to the Donation Cordinator link when done.
That will take You to
Please “LIKE” the Page so You can keep updated on our Success.
I don’t care if you can only Donate a Penny this is Very important to me and Every little bit Helps.
I am also holding a contest…as of Right now I have a $200.00 Visa Gift Card that will be Awarded to the Highest Donator this Year!!!
So Please Help Us Make Christmas Great for Thousands of Children this Year!!!
God Bless and Thank You!!!
Donate Here…….



An amazing man…Mark Seyforth

I have spent hours researching the founder of Day 1, Mark Seyforth. He has an incredible amount of talent and seems to have a hand in several very profitable businesses. One thing I noticed in my searching was that there was not any negative things said about him.

From my research, I have concluded that Mark Seyforth has the biggest heart in business that I have ever seen. Believe me, I was trying to find a flaw and failed. He has created Day 1 with the goal of helping others. Charities are the ones that will profit the most from Day 1’s success!

Every Consumer for Charity (C4C) chooses a charity to donate to from their commission check, typically 1% – 10%. Mark has set it up so Day 1 will match the donation! The impact this is going to make for non profits is mind blowing!

Society is getting colder. More and more people and animals are suffering. Our purpose is to care for the creatures of this planet, ourselves included. Mark has provided the United States with a very powerful tool that can create the change that is so desperately needed as long as we use it! We are a very powerful country, however, we need to turn that power into compassion.

I am proud to say that I am a Consumer for Charity. I am doing my part to make a difference and set an example of love and compassion! I embrace my purpose in this world!

One person can make a difference, but many people can make a change. 


Internet Marketing

The more I learn about marking on the internet, the more I realize that there is an art to it.

Most of what I have seen, and unfortunately done, is a large number of people placing ads. For the most part, the ads sound like they are computer generated. There is very little personal connection.

Everyone truly believes that whatever they are promoting is the BEST. They are financially committed to making others think it is the BEST. Let’s face it, society has programmed us to believe that we need the best of everything. The best cars, the best houses, the best clothes, the best electronics, the best businesses.

We have lost the ability to be the best at relating to each other. Interpersonal skills are lacking. I am learning that a good conversation will take you a lot further in business than promotion.

It’s hard being a newbee! Lol!


My first blog

Ok so the title isn’t original! Oh well. I am new at this whole blogging thing, but it seems to be the popular thing to do. Got to keep up with the times I guess. So as you can see, I am day1malibu. I am going to use this blog to detail my experiences with Day 1. Here is goes.

I started with Day 1 in August when they launched. My dad is the one who introduced me to it. I will tell you, I was extemely skeptical at first. Why is it when we hear “home business” we instantly think scam?

I believe it is because we have been so saturated with “get rich quick” schemes. You can’t go anywhere on the internet without someone trying to get you to put your email address in a capture page so they can fill up your inbox with crap that doesn’t even intrest you. I have had to change email address so many times because of this.

The bad part is when something genuine comes along, we tend to look the other way or straight run from it. It is so hard to just take a leap of faith. I had to completely change my mind set to see Day 1 for what it really is.

I started by looking at it as I am just trying out a product. If I like it I will keep buying it. I trained myself to not think about the business aspect because it flat out scared me. Turns out…I LOVE THE PRODUCTS! PetroMaxx is getting my car 5 more miles per gallon. NatraBoost helps me to be able to keep up with life and doesn’t make me feel yucky like the 5 hour energy drinks do.


I am all about the Boost! I have been sick with the stomach flu and as soon as I could hold water down I took my Boost. The difference it made in the way I feel is nothing short of a miracle. I could feel all the bad toxins leaving my body! I have taken every “energy” whatever under the sun. NatraBoost is the best hands down!